Merciful Jesus   -   Jesus, I trust in You
Merciful Jesus - Original (complete figure) - by Sister Faustine, Krakow / Poland)

In 1931, Jesus showed himself to Sister Faustine in a vision and entreated her: „Paint a picture of me as you can see me and write underneath:

I wish that this picture be venerated all over the world. I promise that all, who venerate this picture, will not be lost.
The white ray signifies my water out of my side, that purifies the soul. The red ray signifies my blood, that gives life to the soul. Both these rays emerged from the depth of my mercy, when my heart was pierced by the spear.  Mankind will find no peace, until they turn to God, trusting in His mercy ."

Sunday of mercy: „I wish that my mercy day be celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter . Those, who have confessed and receive the Holy Communion this Sunday, will not only obtain absolution from their sins but also remission of the punishments which they have deserved. This feast will be a consolation for the whole world!"

The indulgence on the Sunday of the Divine Mercy will be granted on the usual condition. (www.vatican.va)
(Quelle: fatima.org)

Merciful Jesus, - I trust in You

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